Taking a trip with friends and/or relatives, with club members, your professional interest group or, in sum, with a group of people sharing a common denominator, what better way is there to explore life and bring people together!

But who's going to take the lead? Who has the time and the experience to make of this trip an unforgettable adventure, to be enjoyed long after?

This is what b-ways does best! We listen to your wishes, we suggest destinations and activities and we will work it all out so that you can leave without a worry. And all this within realistic budgets. A hiking weekend on the Côte d'Opale, an architecture and/or wine trip into Spain, in old-timers through the Cotswolds, playing golf in Scotland... ? b-ways advises, organises and empathizes intensively!

MOEZ travels!

Our mascot MOEZ also travels with us! Because of his weakness for selfies, you will find him time and again in many gallery pictures!

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