The valley of the Meuse, and by extension the entire Euroregion, offers surprisingly abundant opportunities to make of this part of the world a top destination! There's of course the river Meuse itself with all of its washland, the old villages across the valley with Maaseik and obviously Maastricht as its "capitals" and with Aix-la-Chapelle and Liège in its hinterland; and adjoining it there's the "Park Hoge Kempen" (High Campine National Park), the green lung of Flanders, where nature gets what it deserves... And throughout this beautiful region runs an unsurpassed extensive cycle touring network that connects the prettiest paths and places.

Do not hesitate to invite your personal or business connections from here or abroad to come and enjoy its richness and culinary specialties!

b-ways has its roots in these parts and is therefore your perfect partner to lead your company in the right direction! Hotels, restaurants, activities.... rest assured and confide in us: we know the way!


MOEZ travels!

Our mascot MOEZ also travels with us! Because of his weakness for selfies, you will find him time and again in many gallery pictures!

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